Upload 21 Jan 2022


Establishing a Halal Team is one of the requirements for the Singapore Muis Halal Certification. It forms Principle 1 of the Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ), which has to be implemented by all Halal-certified companies in Singapore.
The Halal Team should consist of at least 2 members, a Halal Team Leader & a Muslim Representative. They shall also undergo the mandatory Halal training programme by Warees Halal Limited.
For big companies, it will be good if you can have more than 2 members! This is to ensure that the Halal team comprises members from multidisciplinary backgrounds to effectively manage the company’s Halal quality management system.
It really depends on the operations of your company. We have listed some examples of the Halal team members’ responsibilities. Do note that these are just examples, and you may need to change them to suit the operations of your company.